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Baggage Wrapping Service

Secure Wrap is the worldwide leader in Baggage Protection Services for air travelers, specializing in check-in luggage security.

Secure Wrap Stations are conveniently located in the public terminal space (departure level) of airports to assist passengers in protecting their baggage prior to check-in. These stations are equipped with state-of- the-art machinery which wrap and protect passengers’ baggage in a 100%  recyclable, nontoxic, tamper resistant/evident plastic film in seconds.

Note: Secure Wrap’s USA operations offer complimentary re-wrapping of luggage if TSA removes plastic wrap for additional screening.

Our Baggage Protection Service may prevent your luggage from:

  • Theft & Pilferage
  • Damage
  • Foul Weather (Rain & Snow)
  • Accidental Openings
  • Manipulation
  • Mishandling
  • Wear & Tear
  • Stains & Scratches
  • Introduction of Unauthorized Items
  • Smuggling

Luggage Tracing

Our customers’ wrapped luggage is sealed with our tamper evident label. This label contains a unique QR barcode to help identify a passenger’s luggage.Once sealed, the customer is able to register their information to enable the tracing feature.In the event the luggage is lost or misplaced, Secure Wrap’s complimentary luggage tracing service helps reunite our customers with their baggage via the registered QR barcode.

Baggage Weighing

Our machinery is equipped with a scale to weigh luggage prior to wrapping. Because of this unique machine feature, we’re able to help our customers avoid potential overweight charges placed by their airline.

Supplementary Compensation Guarantee

With each baggage wrapping purchase, Secure Wrap offers a Supplementary Compensation Guarantee which matches the airline payment up to 5,000 USD for total loss & up to 2,000 USD for damage. This compensation works in conjunction with the P.I.R. (Property Irregularity Report) provided by the airline. Our Supplementary Compensation Guarantee is included in the price of select services.

Certain terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our Guarantee section for details.

24/7 Customer Assistance Center

Secure Wrap’s 24/7 Customer Service Call Center provides passengers with Lost Luggage and Guarantee assistance. The Secure Wrap 24/7 Customer Service Call Center can be reached through the website by filling out the form, or by telephone, e-mail.

Allow 24 hours for a Secure Wrap Representative to contact you.

Telephone: (305) 423-0164

Rewrap Service

In the United States, Secure Wrap works hand-in-hand with the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”) to provide a complimentary baggage wrap should the wrapped item be opened for additional screening. Secure Wrap has proudly been providing the complimentary rewrap service after TSA inspection since 2003. Outside the USA, Secure Wrap provides this rewrap service in select locations around the globe. Please note baggage screening procedures may vary by country.

Additional Services

Duffle Bag: Secure Wrap’s branded duffle bag, made of heavy duty canvas, is available for purchase at select locations. Available in different sizes.

U-Wrap Travel Kit: The patented U-Wrap product is a do-it-yourself travel protection kit which enables passengers to wrap their luggage at the convenience of home, hotel, airport, etc. This kit comes with all the necessary materials one would need to protect their luggage when traveling. The U-Wrap comes with a Supplementary Compensation “Guarantee” up to $3,300 USD in the event of loss or damage to your luggage.
Visit to purchase your U-Wrap Travel Kit now!

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